Notarial Practice 

Specialist Lawyer  – Notary Public

A notary public is a specialist attorney admitted and authorised by  the High Court of South Africa to witness signatures, draw and attest contracts and statements, authenticate the validaty of certain documents. 

We offer the following Services:

Ante-nuptial Agreements:

Drafting and registration of Ante-nuptial Agreements in the Deeds Registries Office

Notarial Documents:

Drafting of Notarial documents for registration of Property Rights in the Deeds Registries Office, including Notarial Deeds of Cession of Rights of Exclusive Use Areas, Notarial Deeds of Servitude, Notarial Bonds and Notarial Leases. 

Drafting of Notarial documentation for registration of Mineral and Mining Rights in Mineral and Petroleum Titles Office

Notarial Services:

Authentication of SA Academic Credentials for use abroad Authentication of Company documents for use abroad
Drafting and Authentication of Power of Attorneys
Execution of Mineral and Mining Rights at Department of Mineral and Petroleum Resources and lodgment and registration at the Mineral and Petroleum Titles Office

Authentication and Apostille Services:

Authentication of documents executed within South Africa for use abroad